How to upgrade your iPhone X to the best version of OS X 10.11.2, the latest beta release

Apple is preparing to roll out the next beta release of the OS X operating system to developers on November 18, but some users are experiencing a new issue that will likely make the upgrade a bit more difficult.

Users have been reporting a black screen in the “About” section of the Settings app, and the problem has been causing problems with some developers.

The app’s page has a new “black screen” message when you launch the app.

That message is accompanied by the following text:  This issue is associated with a security fix.

Please wait while we try to resolve this issue.

Apple’s bug tracking system says that users are seeing a black image on the screen and the app appears to be crashing.

Users are reporting that the problem is preventing them from starting the app, but the app is still functioning, even though it’s causing the issue.

According to the developer of the app TheApp, it appears that the issue is related to a bug in the developer’s version of the Mac applet.

TheApp’s developers have been working on fixing the issue, and according to TheApp developer, Apple is working on releasing a fix that will solve the issue with the next Beta.