Amazon is building a ‘cyber-proof’ network for the Amazon EC2 cloud

Amazon is set to open a virtual cloud infrastructure to make its cloud more secure, and will eventually move to a hardware-backed system.

The e-commerce giant has made the announcement at the AWS E3 conference in Las Vegas, where it unveiled the cloud, which it is calling EC2X, and said it plans to use it for the “full range of Amazon cloud services, including video, gaming, and content”.

It also said that it was working on a hardware infrastructure for the cloud.

Amazon’s cloud will be powered by its AWS cloud platform, which is based on open source technology, and it will run on Amazon’s AWS cloud services.

It will be the first time Amazon is using hardware-based EC2 platforms for its cloud.

Amazon will also begin releasing its own EC2 platform next year, which could allow Amazon to extend its own cloud to include other services, like its video-streaming service, Amazon Video.

Amazon also unveiled its EC2Vendor certification system for its EC3 and EC4 cloud platforms.

Amazon’s certification system will allow developers to create and test cloud-based applications.

Amazon also unveiled the AWS Cloud Infrastructure Security Management Suite, which will help companies keep their cloud systems secure.

Amazon said it will roll out the cloud-to-cloud integration for Amazon’s video- and music-streamed services, as well as AWS Cloud Video.

Amazon said it would be offering the new cloud infrastructure as part of an AWS subscription, with plans to launch it as a separate package in the coming months.

Amazon is looking to get more people into its cloud, especially those who are less tech savvy, said CEO Jeff Bezos.

“We want to get them into the cloud and get them to use their technology for Amazon, which allows us to deliver even better products, services, and experiences,” Bezos said at the conference.