Al-valence electrons in the mystery box

Electronic components are being linked to the disappearance of the mysterious box that mysteriously disappeared from a warehouse in India, a news story published on Sunday said.

The box was found last month in the basement of a building owned by a private firm in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The boxes are used for storing and charging devices, but the company has not said what was inside of them.

The device was apparently filled with copper and copper wire, but there were no signs of a fire or a bomb.

A team of researchers is currently trying to identify the mysterious device.

The mystery box is one of a number of missing items in the Indian warehouse, which includes a video game console, a television and a video camera, according to a news report.

A second device is missing, too, and has not been located.

The missing items were brought to the city of Chennai for testing and then sent back to the Indian city of Hyderabad, according the report.

India has a reputation for poor storage of electronic equipment, and some of the items that were seized last month have not been returned, local media reported.