“Electronic cigarettes have become so popular that there are now mass of electronic cigarettes.”

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said on Sunday that there’s a growing demand for electronic cigarettes, and that the government is now cracking down on those who sell them illegally.

The MSNBC host said that she believes the e-cigarette market has grown to the point that there is now a “mass of electronic cigarette.”

“There’s been a huge boom, so to speak, in the last few years,” Maddow told “Meet the Press.”

“I think the number of e-cigarettes that you have to buy, that there will be in the U.S. by the end of the year, you’re looking at maybe a couple thousand.

I think that’s a lot.

That’s why the FDA has cracked down on the sale of e’s.”

She continued: “The e-cig industry is huge.

The sales are going up exponentially, so the government has cracked them down.

And that’s what’s going on with the e cigs.”

Maddow said that the e cigarette market has become so large that the FDA is now working on new regulations.

The FDA has taken steps to curb the sale and distribution of e cig’s, and the e cigarettes are being labeled with warnings about potential health risks.

The regulations have also been criticized by some health advocates, and are currently being challenged in court.

Maddows appearance on “Meet The Press” was part of a three-part interview program, with host Chuck Todd, ABC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Cecilia Vega and NBC News Anchor Brian Williams.