How to watch the best NFL games on FOX News Channel

Fox Sports News has finally got around to bringing you the best of the best in the NFL.

The network has pulled the plug on its preseason coverage and, instead, is going back to its standard one-hour broadcasts.

The move to the preseason broadcasts comes after published a piece on Wednesday that claimed the network’s coverage was “dead” after a lack of new games over the past two seasons.

The article, penned by FoxSports analyst Dan Rafael, was largely based on the work of Dan Shulman, who had recently resigned from Fox Sports to take a job with NBCUniversal.

Shulman had argued the network was struggling with a lack on new games in an attempt to save it from the inevitable slide to a live-streamed model.

The post-season has seen a number of big moves by Fox, including the move of Fox’s marquee sports networks to, which allows users to watch all of the network coverage on a single device.

However, the network has yet to release a schedule for the upcoming season.

The change comes after the network put a hold on its live coverage during the 2015 NFL season, which is currently set to air from the NFL’s annual owners meetings in Los Angeles on Sunday.

A few days later, FoxSports’ live coverage for the first time since its preseason move to live streaming was cancelled.

A Fox spokesperson told that had published a “fringe article” that “was widely shared by the public and is widely considered false by many sports media experts and analysts.”

Fox Sports News, which had been streaming the preseason games on FoxSportsGo, had to pull the plug after it became clear it would be an expensive endeavor, the spokesperson added. previously published a story that claimed that the NFL had overspent on its league contracts and that the league was using “cheap tricks” to keep its fans from tuning in.

In response to the post, Fox Sports announced on Twitter that it was going to cancel all preseason coverage for 2016.