The science of chlorine atoms: A chemistry textbook

The chemistry of chlorine, the element used in disinfectants, is a bit complicated.

But this chemistry textbook, by chemist Paul C. J. Fuchs, covers it all in a textbook format.

Fucke has written a book about chlorine atoms that’s a good first introduction to understanding it, and the chemistry textbook includes several chapters devoted to its chemical properties.

For example, in Chapter 5, Fuckel gives an overview of chlorine’s properties, including its chemical formula, its atomic configuration, and its properties as an electron-carrying electron.

The chemistry textbook is a good introduction to chemistry, but it also contains a lot of other information about chlorine, like its molecular structure and its reaction with other chemicals.

Fuchs also includes an extensive discussion of the chemical nature of chlorine and its reactions with other elements, like sulfur and chlorine-containing compounds.

In addition to chemistry textbooks, Fuchs’ book also has an online version.

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The Chemistry of Chlorine is available in the Kindle store and is also available in audiobook format for a $9.99 price.