When we put power electronics into the ‘electron’ column, we might as well put a microscope on them

Nowadays, power electronics are everywhere.

But in the past, they were mostly a niche industry that had to deal with very large, very expensive power plants, or with extremely high temperatures, or the use of superconductors and other high-performance electronics that made them more powerful.

These days, the market is much bigger, and the demand for power electronics is much greater, but even still, they are not ubiquitous in the market, said Prashant Sharma, executive director of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, who helped to organize the conference.

Power electronics are not very practical for everyday use.

The problem is, they don’t have very good battery life, and they are more power-hungry than the devices that they are replacing.

It’s not a solution that we need to have in our life,” Sharma said. 

So, what are the top 10 most important reasons to have an electric car?1.

It is energy efficient, too.

The most efficient energy-efficient cars are hybrids, and in India, they’re made with less power than cars with the same engine capacity.2.

It provides transportation to and from work.

The average driver in India spends almost a quarter of his day in traffic.

A good electric vehicle will be able to reduce the amount of time he spends stuck in traffic, he said.3.

It saves energy.

The energy-saving powerpack can be stored in the car battery, so the car won’t run out of power.

It can also be charged by a solar-powered charger, or even by the car itself.4.

It cuts the time it takes to drive.

According to a report by the India Electric Vehicle Association, a battery in an electric vehicle can save up to a third of a mile per kilometer.

This is because it reduces the amount the battery needs to recharge each time the vehicle is driven.5.

It makes it safer.

An electric vehicle is safer than a car, because it’s more efficient, and it’s less likely to collide with other vehicles.6.

It reduces pollution.

By reducing CO2 emissions, EVs are expected to save around 7.5 billion tons of CO2 annually.7.

It keeps your home energy bills down.

According of a 2015 study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, electric vehicles are expected for saving as much as 30 per cent of the average household energy bills. 


It helps you save money on car insurance.

While most auto insurance policies are based on a number of factors, like mileage, the most common type of auto insurance policy is based on the amount a vehicle’s value can be reduced by the vehicle’s driving range. 


It will help you save on gas.

Most people buy their car for the price of petrol, which is lower than diesel.

The government has announced a new tax on diesel vehicles that will save the government a total of Rs 2,700 crore.10.

It takes less pollution.

India is the largest exporter of CO₂, and so it can save a lot of pollution with an electric motor.

This can be achieved by reducing the amount that power plants use electricity, which can be done with the use the power-pumping units that power electric cars. 

It will take some time for electric vehicles to make their way to the masses, especially as they have to get through the bureaucracy of regulatory bodies to get approval,” Sharma told ET.