X-Men: First Look At First Look: ‘Valkyr’ Trailer (Video)

The first X-men movie, X-MEN: FIRST LOOK AT FIRST LOOK, will hit theaters on May 5, 2017, starring Hugh Jackman as the original Professor X, who battled Magneto and his band of X-foes in a bid to save the world from Magneto’s tyrannical dictatorship.

The trailer also revealed that a third X-rated film will be coming out in 2018.

The X-series has always been a passion project for director Bryan Singer, and his team has always worked hard to make sure fans of the classic series have the best possible experience in the new film.

The latest trailer features a full-throttle scene, where Professor X (Jackman) is in battle with the evil Dark Phoenix, who’s been turned into a giant mutant robot by Professor Xavier.

The trailer also includes footage from a teaser trailer for the new movie that also features a scene in the same theater where the team is fighting against Dark Phoenix.

It features a new villain, a new fight sequence, and a new X-trailer poster.